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Crown Me


Occasionally, on the checkerboard that is my career, I get crowned and am briefly a king, before being jumped again by the unpredictability of being a food stylist. To quote from photographer Renee Comet's recent blogpost about this fabulous project,

"Looking at jumbled ingredients spread out in a kitchen, sometimes it’s hard to imagine they’ll eventually combine into the delicious, gorgeous dish you have in mind: will it be a recipe for a delicacy—or, a disaster? Diverse ingredients for this project’s complex recipe included models, makeup, costumes, sets—and, of course, food. For the photo backgrounds, we built two kitchen sets—and Lisa Cherkasky did all the real baking and food styling next to them, in my realstudio kitchen."

To make this look easy we worked hard, in the studio on Monday and over the weekend preceding. I'm very proud to be a part of this campaign, as King Arthur products fill my cupboards and are the foundation of my happy  home baking.