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Eat, Write, Retreat Redux

Renee Comet and I had so much fun at Eat, Write, Retreat last year that we decided to do it again in 2012. Doubled our fun.

Photos by Renee Comet,  Most of the foodstyling by Yours Truly

These crazy food bloggers don't waste a second. I believe they were blogging on the fly. Incredible. Kathryne, the Food Muse, with whom I had a lovely conversation after our session, was kind enough to mention me in her Eat, Write, Retreat post.

Food Musings

#12.  "A Closer Look at Food Styling and Photography"

I will never afford the camera and equipment that Renee had at her disposal. On the other hand, the tools of the stylist, Lisa, are everyday things that I can slowly collect. Having those tools will have an immediate impact on my photos.  Wow, was she a hard worker.

Thanks to everyone who made the weekend come to life! To read more, take a look at Renee's excellent Eat, Write, Retreat post here.