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Lambie Lambie Bo Bambie

Banana fana fo fambieFee fy mo mambie Lambie!

Lambstrami is the the name of the game and, pssst, somebody needs to be talking about this sssstuff. One hasssshtag mention on the Twittossssphere, one recipe in Googleversssity, one blogpossst at MLA, dat'sss about it.

What gives? This sandwich does. It gives good. Lambstami, people!

Aussie Lambstrami Reuben  - Version 2
Aussie Lambstrami Reuben - Version 2

Photo by Renee Comet Styling by Yours Truly

This lambstrami was made in Virginia, by an outfit that is outfitted for commercial production. Can I share their information with you? No, I cannot, because I do not have it. Frowny face.

I can tell  you this: strami is a beautiful thing, created through brining and smoking, two brilliant meat transforming techniques. Good lamb/pastrami has the power to elevate one's faith in humankind. Velvety, fatty, spiced, smoked and sliced. A slippery slope for the cheese melt. Sliver, slice, slab, slob. Lamb slam!