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Mom Made

They are small and round and silly. Meatballs are funny. Funny good, not funny peculiar. Moms are funny. Sometimes funny good, sometimes funny peculiar and sometimes funny haha. Ask my son. He will say that a mom is about 87% funny peculiar and the remaining 13% split between haha and funny.

Nothing funny about finding delicious and ~ insert happy buzzwords - such as organic, nourishing and pure - here ~ on your plate. Ask my son. He will say that Mom Made meatballs are 100% good.

The package is fun. I like the logo and the sweet little green trees. And the browning of the meatballs - brilliant! Haha. Browning by Teddy's mom. Me! Small, silly and 100% heartfelt. Mom Made!

All photos by Renee Comet