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Shameless Self Promotion Number 1500

The newest issue of Kernels is on  the stands now and includes a couple recipes from me. Both are delicious and doable, if I do say so myself. Around this joint we eat lots of bread and lots of noodles.  My son is still a no-condiment man so his panini will be pressed plain. (How he can choke down such a dry sandwich I will never know.)

These days, as he hits 13, a lot more green stuff is going by without remark and I feel confident he would scarf up a heap of these noodles, particularly with mango. We especially love the small, flat Indian mangoes that have been available at the grocery just for the past few years. Imports of these velvety, yellow devils from India have only been allowed by the FDA since 2009. Gloriously delicious!

NPR tells the story:

There are said to be some 1,500 varieties of mangoes in India. Only a couple have been cleared for export to the U.S. One, the Alphonso, is known as the King of Mangoes in India.

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