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Thanks Be to Be Working

Aunt Pearl is done with carbsAnd Mom’s gone gluten-freeThe twins no longer eat any meatWhat to make? Woe is meUsed to be, I’d roast a turkeyBut everybody’s gone quirkyI’ve got the Thanksgiving blues

A story ran in The Washington Post Express featuring restaurants open on Thanksgiving and catering to the "non-traditional" diner, Founding Farmers among them. The photo above was created for the Founding Farmers Cookbook by Renee Comet, me, Audrey Weppler, Jennifer Motruk Loy and Carolyn Robb Schimley.

Whether they will be serving just this meal, I do not know, but whatever is on the menu, you cannot go wrong going to Founding Farmers. I'll be home, baking pies and working the potato ricer. Could you send over a steward to wash up?