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Very Nice Piece in the Local Rag

The Washington Post Magazine featured yours truly in this week's "Closer Inspection". Kris Coronado - my neighbor coincidentally, a lovely young writer, was here taking notes and lighting up the kitchen with her bright spirit. Thank you, Kris! Thank you, Benjamin Tankersley, for the terrific photos! Thank you, Washington Post Magazine!

Closer Inspection

Food stylist Lisa Cherkasky, whose clients have included Cakelove’s Warren Brown, the National Museum of the American Indian and The Washington Post, dishes on her tools of the trade. — Kris Coronado

For the past 25 years, the 55-year-old has run her own food styling business ( Her mission is to make edible arrangements look irresistibly appetizing in photographs for cookbooks and ads. “It really is their food,” Cherkasky says. “I’m just preserving it, basically. It’s not that it’s fake; I’m trying to keep it from deteriorating too fast.”