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Tricks AND Treats

Hurricane Sandy was oh-so-much-more than a trick. On beyond mischief, she did exquisite and irreparable damage up and down this massive coast. My best friend's business is under four feet of water and my son's good friend has half a house. Today is Halloween and Sandy has subsided. The wreckage here? One smashed gourd and a pingpong ball-sized hole in the ceiling. I feel as though we walk on water sometimes. Sandy brought into bold, living color how well life treats me more often than not.  The least of my worries was trick-or-treating, but lo and behold, out goes my son tonight in perfect weather. Crystal clear and gorgeous, cold enough for his layers of...what is that costume anyway? Who knows, but he loves it, as it includes a sword.

I am very, very sad for all the loss and destruction wrought by this wet, wild storm and extremely grateful for my good fortunes. Thanksgiving is up next and my heart is ready.

Photo by Renee Comet, Recipe by Ellie Krieger, Styling by Me