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Dippity Do

I totally enjoy creating cones, sundaes, smoothies, shakes and cakes for Maggie Moo's and Marble Slab Creamery. We used to do it here in DC, before NexCen was their patriarch. Now I fly down to Atlanta, stay a few days, have a dreamy time, make a lot of ice cream novelties, don't do any housework, order room service, ride in taxicabs and fly home. May Maggie Moo's and Marble Slab Creamery live long. Our collaboration brings me much joy.

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My Work, Working

Sometimes, watching ads on TV especially, I feel for the foodstylist. Oh, just how many of those perfect strawberries did they roll down that corrugated steel, smashing the berries to bits, before getting the shot? And did she plan for that shot? Was she scrambling for berries? This happened to me. True story.

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