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One Meatball

"One Meatball" is a song my family sang after dinner when I was a kid, with my sister on guitar. We did that, sang around the table, which sounds so archaic now. It breaks my heart to think how earnest my parents were and heartfelt too. The folk revival took place in our house, too, with one sister playing banjo and one guitar, and with all of us singing songs after dinner - the Weavers and Josh White and Pete Seeger. It embarrasses me to think about it, while simultaneously filling me up with warmth and nostalgia. The song, "One Meatball" seems funny, but it is not. It's sad actually, particularly now when many who have enough have SO much and those who do not have SO little. Growing up we lived in that in-between - frugal and in lots of company. The camaraderie of it felt very safe to me as a child and I wonder, does my child feel safe that way, in this world now? I hope so, but think not.


Photo by Renee Comet and styling by me for Meat and Livestock Australia for Home Chefs


These meatballs, should you have a piece of bread or, even better, a nice crusty roll, would make a killer sandwich. Slop the sauce all over the place. Your napkin and shirt will be wrecked and your mom will want to kill you!

The song has an interesting story and you can read about it here if you like. Put on your modest face and read. I did and am the richer for it.