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May You Put Your Christmas to Bed with a Late Evening Sandwich

From pièce de resistance


resist putting that between two pieces of bread.


Photo by Renee Comet, who is a peripheral Christmaser, beginning and ending with the food - respectable parameters. For heaven's sake, why throw out the baby lamb with the bouquet garni?

I wish you all, all, all, those I know, those I know a little, those I do not know, those I would like to know, those who are unknowable, a Christmas that is a respite from the sturm and drang of life as a human in 2015, from life as a human in the 21st century, a day when wonder overwhelms, awe precedes all else, and your heart feels so big and s0 heavy that your legs must work extra hard to carry it.

Merry Christmas to all, every last one of you.