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The Clean Rainbow Club

Eat the rainbow, that's what they say.  Around here, so many of us have the good fortune to have a rainbow of foods available to us year round. Modern convenience and plenty of affluence keep our cold month's diet bold and bright. So different from my childhood, when cold cellar and pantry foods ruled the winter plate. AARP enlisted Renee Comet and me to create this photograph for their story "Eat to Prevent Cancer."

This is not smoke and mirrors, or even a photoshop job - well, there was some post work,  although I couldn't tell you what was done. We were there, hands on, moving, stacking, moistening, clipping. Re-moving, re-stacking, re-moistening, re-storing, re-arranging. No template on the set, mind you we had busy mind's eyes. Pure pleasure creating this bas relief.

A Rainbow on the Plate, Renee Comet's Blog post

about this work we did for AARP.