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Getting Crafty

My friend Cindy, who manages the Crystal City FreshFarm Market, pulled a Tom Sawyer in her plans for the market's harvest festival. Clever girl, she invited a group of friends to her place for food - delicious goat cheese and other stuff from the market, drinks and autumn crafting. Cindy handled the supplies and most of the thinking, while we wielded the paring knives, scissors and elbow grease.

Aren't these classy looking wrapped quick breads from the market, one with beautiful burlap tassels? The stencil cuts are pretty, too. I did not work on wrapping, but hope to borrow the templates from those who did.

Those funny looking objects on sticks are "shrunken heads" cut from apples. Mine is the deranged green one (I soaked him in a food color bath), which Cindy tried drying in the oven to speed the process. Whoops, he cooked and did not make it to the market.

And here are the shrunken heads after they have dried for five days. Pretty scary, right?

Miraculously, it did not rain on market day and the festival was a smashing success. Cindy reported that quite a few people came to the craft table and took good ideas home.

Fortunately for me, our knitting group, Close Knit, met the day after the market and Cindy brought me a pumpkin vase filled with dahlias and other floral follies. I love dahlias, but do not grow them. So happy to have a seasonal splash of flowers at home!