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Shameless Self Promotion Number 3500

Click here for words about this project that are crystal clear.

Now and then I am fortunate enough to have a styling gig that is intended to improve the health and well-being of humans. This project was one. Add another master to the layers of masters.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of industry and to the republic for which it stands that I am a good provider, one person, under pressure to start where I am, use what I have and do what I can, indivisible I swear, with the light at the end of the tunnel being liberty, and justice being attended to as best as possible under the circumstances, for all in my household of two.

Lo and behold, I do. Work for hire I am, with a conscience that aims to be clear. Where can I sign on the dotted line for more of this kind? Work that is meant to lift someone up, hold their hand firmly but not so tight they cannot do their own work, and show them the light at the beginning of the tunnel, so the tunnel is not a tunnel, but instead it grows wider while growing older, and brighter too. Where do I sign for more of this kind?

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